Monday, June 21, 2021

What Your Car Says About Your Personality


Do you hog the road, or are you all about family? Here’s the good (and bad!) that your car says about you.

First impressions convey a lot of information, most of which is unsaid. One of the most common indicators is physical appearance. A person that often wears a business suit and dress shoes is thought of as being accomplished or a part of the cooperate world. Opposite of that is mistakenly agreeing to a blind date with someone who has bed hair and stained teeth, who is seen as a slob. As these examples have shown, outer appearance dictates how we perceive someone. People can also tell a lot by a person’s personal possessions, such as the type of car they drive.Our vehicles speak volumes and reveal our inner selves, even the bad parts. Here are 10 things our cars have to say about us! 

10The German Car Driver

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Owning popular German car brands like the Audi and the BMW makes for a good first impression. The superior engineering of these foreign beauties makes them stand out amongst the crowd. American cars lack the craftsmanship of the quiet engine and quick handling of a German vehicle. These cars give the driver a heightened sense of reality, often looking towards the future and not the past. Foreign car owners have a taste for the finer things in life and value quality over cost. They come across as egotistical and snobbish, but at least they have the funds to splurge on a luxury car!


9The SUV Driver

Driving a German car makes us look and feel like royalty, but an SUV conveys a more subtle sense of power. These versatile cars dominate the road, often taking up more space than other vehicles. At the car’s heightened position drivers can peer down over the world as though they were seated on a throne.

SUV owners suffer from a major case of the Short-Man complex, but unlike other drivers, they have control over their surroundings. Power isn’t a bad thing in this instance, but rather, it signifies that the driver is self-assured. An approaching danger can be seen before it even happens. How many low-riding drivers can say that?


8The Hatchback-Car Driver

Unlike the SUV driver, a hatchback owner is sensible. There’s a reason why cars like the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla are reliable. These cars prove that size doesn’t matter, and it has everything to do with what’s on the inside. Owning a hatchback means we have more than enough room, despite what it may look like on the outside. The interior cabin is very roomy and spacious. Hatchbacks are exciting and more reliable than most SUV’s, which says a lot about the driver. Hatch owners have the full package; the smarts and the beauty. They’re no one’s fool!


7The Sports Car Driver

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Hatchback drivers may be smart car buyers with great taste, but sportscar owners are the exact opposite. These drivers have reached a stage in their lives – usually after fifteen years of marriage and with kids – where they want to go back in time and do all the things they never did. At the top of their list is buying a sports car.

Owning a sports car screams attention, but depending on who’s watching, that attention-seeking behavior can play in the driver’s favor or get them pulled over and paying off a hefty traffic ticket! On the positive side, it can be a thrilling experience. Sportscar drivers are risk takers and never back down from a challenge. These drivers own the road, but with a sense of purpose and ambition.


6The Minivan Driver

Driving a minivan is anything but risky and dangerous. In fact, it takes us back to our “nesting” days, where settling down with someone, having children and rocking “mom or dad jeans” were trendy. Sports cars don’t fit the bill for a family of five. Rather these drivers require a car that is comfortable for not only themselves but also their loved ones. The minivan driver holds high regard for their family and they are willing to do anything to protect them. Carpooling is a breeze for the minivan driver as well, as it allows a lot of space for kid cargo. They can pick up the kids from their soccer game or take their group of friends to a mall downtown. This driver puts others before themselves.


5The Driver With The LED Headlights

Caring about safety and comfort are great traits in a driver but not for our own sakes. Many automakers have switched from using Halogen headlights to LED lighting technology, which gives the engine a break but is a serious road hazard. This feature is a necessity when it comes to trailing down those dark country roads at night, but it doesn’t help our fellow drivers.

City laws forbid drivers from using their bright lights when tailgating a car because they cause problems with visibility on the road. These drivers are self-centered and more interested in their safety and comfort, rather than others. Our streets are safer when drivers learn to share the road.


4The Monster Truck Driver

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What’s worse than a driver tailgating us with their LED lights? A monster truck going 70mph down the highway! It’s concerning how people are even allowed to drive these vehicles out of the pit and into the public streets. Monster trucks shouldn’t be anywhere near a major highway, but some drivers just can’t help themselves. These owners have a tendency to fill shoes that are too big for their own good. They are obnoxious and yearn for attention, more so than a sportscar driver. That’s scary! Monster truck drivers have a serious lack of confidence, both in their car and themselves.


3The Trashy Car Driver

A car full of trash is just as obnoxious, if not down-right unhygienic. People who refuse to clean their car’s interior leads to the assumption they aren’t very sanitary. Trashy-car drivers are a defensive bunch and often get offended at the slightest mention of their cars.

Rather than resorting to anger, get a bottle of Windex and a vacuum cleaner, pronto, and clean those dirty windows until they’re spick and span! Learning the art of sanitation and prioritization will do these drivers some good. It can get difficult to keep track of time but maintaining order amongst the clutter of our lives helps put things into perspective. Don’t ignore the trash, throw it out.


2The Small Car Driver

Smaller-car drivers don’t have issues with clutter. They aren’t the type of driver anyone has to worry about getting lost in the chaos of life. Carelessness isn’t even a part of their vocabulary. They fill up their gas regularly, complete the scheduled maintenance checks and repairs necessary to keep their cars running smoothly. On good days they splurge on a car wash and a few stylish accessories. Small-car drivers don’t carry around “To Do” lists as they rarely like to travel or have anything to do. They have all the time in the world to spare. These car owners are living the good life!


1The Large Car Driver

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Large-car drivers, however, have anything but an easy life. Driving a large car can set off other drivers in a big way. Huge vehicle’s like the Cadillac Escalade or a GMC truck exert a lot of gas, destroying the environment. The feeling of driving a powerful and at times, stylish piece of metal can be cool. However, what’s awesome isn’t always the best option. Polluting the air with unnecessary gas exertion is serious business and it puts other drivers at a health risk, including ourselves. Caring about the planet makes for a better driver. Unfortunately, large-car drivers just aren’t the type to go around hugging trees.